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  Software + Hardware + Webdesign + Services + Consulting

     Company history stretch back to August 1988, when we started to develop first own program written in BASIC at 8-bit computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k+ with CPU Z80A. Later we started to write programs in Assembler (machine code) of processor Z80.

     In 1991 we passed by SW development for PC XT/AT 286/386/486 in programing languages like GWBASIC, Pascal, C/C++ and Assembler for Intel 286/386/486.

     During 1994-1998 we developed software based on Borland C/C++ platform with graphical extention Fastgraph 3.0, because of high screen resolution support SVGA (800x600) resp. XGA (1024x768) running in MS/DOS.

     During 1998-1999 we were participating in development of ERP system for Slovak Telecom, a.s. like an external contractor of ICOS a.s. Košice. Software was developed in Microsoft enviroment and languages Microsoft Visual C/C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0.

     Since 2001 we started to developed software in Progress 4GL 9.1B for belgian company INSIDE Communication BVBA. Mostly for customers from textile industry.

     Since 2002 we like a contractor in cooperation with company Delta E.S. Košice (now NESS Slovakia) with significant magniture redounded to development of part of the ERP for Slovenské elektrárne a.s. (MARK IV SCM - Inventory, Asset Management, Invoicing, Logistics) in Oracle Forms&Reports 4.5/Designer2000 enviroment. Since 2003 we solved migration of all the IS to new version Oracle Forms&Reports 6/Designer6i. Later in 2004 we participated in development new CRM system based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition a Java ServletPages a Oracle DB technologies.

     In 2005-2006 we made analysis, elaborated architecture design and developed SW for facility management. With this software we performed statement of costs for more than 4500 housing estate flats and 70 business offices that belong under the building administration of OSBD Trebišov (localities: Trebišov, Sečovce, Michaľany, Kráľovský Chlmec, Borša, Veľký Horeš, Somotor, Streda nad Bodrogom, Čierna nad Tisou, Veľké Kapušany and Hraň).

     During 2007-2008 we participated in creation RICEF SW that was ready to perform data conversion from former information system Financial 2000 to new IS Oracle E-Business Suite 12 for companies U.S.Steel Košice s.r.o and U.S.Steel Serbia d.o.o.

     In 2008 we took a turn of dispatch processes of VULKMONT a.s. company to design and realization extention of ERP Financial 2000 with usage of connectors to weight server, which gather datas from electronical weighting. We also participated to costs reductions of deliveries invoicing with design of new way of bulk invoicing.

     Since 2005 we intensively work on development complex GUI ERP for our business partner CHIRASYS s.r.o. Our company does analysis, design, development and also modification of software in graphical enviroment MS Windows IBIS V2 GUI on the basis former text version IBIS TTY. Whole SW is based in Progress 9.1E enviroment. Nowdays we develop in Progress OpenEdge 10.1B.

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